Undercover Artists (#1)

One of my favorite things to do is look through the musical.ly or youtube apps and find low-key, really good songs. I type in the lyrics that musical.ly reveals and find what I’m looking for.

My latest discovery is Tatiana Manaois. Don’t ask me how to pronounce her last name, I have no clue (If you’re reading this, Tatiana, I’m sorry).

Tatiana is a youtube artist that made her way to musical.ly with songs like “Beauty Sings” and “Helplessly”. Goods songs. I recommend.

She has a handful of original songs that are, in fact, iTunes downloadable. Each of which, I enjoy.

Her songs include:

Like You
Beauty Sings
 (There’s a lot more)

And she also has quite a few covers to check out.

Tatiana has a nice sound to me, and I can’t help but listen to her songs on repeat all day when I find a new one.

If you’re looking for a new artist to obsess over, I’ll leave her channel link below.

Happy Streaming!

Tatiana Manaois’s Channel