Look Good, Feel Good

I am a strong believer in the “dress for success” rule.

I’ve never been one to be daring with my outfits, but I envy the people who are. I wish I could have the confidence to wear what made me feel good. I mean, hey. Maybe it would improve my days.

Because I’m not into being very dressy, my idea of looking nice is jeans and a non-stained shirt. Most of the time, I stick to leggings or sweatpants. Because I’m comfy, I’m pretty okay. (Today I wore a blanket scarf, just because it’s a blanket on hand if needed.

There are some days where I wish I was into being more dressy, because I think it will improve how I feel. Maybe it’ll make me feel hot enough to not panic when I have to give a presentation, or not pass out when someone holds awkward eye contact for too long.

You know the kind of people I’m talking about.

Anyways, I’m writing about this topic today to entice you.

dare you, dear reader, to not be like me. Wear what makes you feel good. Dress for the job you want, not the job you have. Wear those khaki pants that you’re hiding in your closet next to the shrine you have dedicated to a celebrity. Clean out your drawers for that favorite, sassy top that shows your shoulder. Dress to make yourself feel good.

I dare you.