Before I Die, I Will..

I’m sure everyone has an unwritten bucket list. Just some things that, if you think about, you decide “hm, I’d like to do that at some point”.

But, most of the time, those thoughts fade and they forget what they want to do. Maybe because they are busy with their job, their family – anything. Regardless, most of what we want to do/try gets brushed under the rug and forgotten.

That’s why, my reader, I want to push you to remove the rug.

If you discover some thing that you would like to do, especially if you think it will make you happy,

Do it.

I know, I know. It’s easier said than done. But, at least try not to forget what you want to do. Don’t get lost in your life. A good-paying job may allow you to buy a lot of stuff, sure. But, in the end, you want to look over your life and know that you truly lived. With enough memories that could make you live twenty more years.

Make a list, and title it “Before I die, I will…” and fill in the blank.

Hell, fill in the blank a hundred times.

Fill it will a million things!

Do what makes you happy.

And please, please, please…

Don’t get lost in a life that makes you unhappy. 


Personality Above Instagram Likes

This topic has been somewhat bothering me for a while.

As a person who gets between sixteen and fifty likes (on a very good day, with very good content), I know that “likes” make you feel good.

“Oh, twenty-three people really like my face!”
“Fifty-four likes for a mere dog picture???”

I get it, you get it. We all get it.

That is not my issue.

If it were up to me, I would choose the most kind-hearted people to gift them with hundreds of likes. And, I do. I blessed only the people I feel are good people with my insta-love. That may not make much of a difference, but, it makes me feel like I’m somewhat telling these people “you’re a good person, keep being you.”

Most of the people I follow are the one’s I believe are good. A like for you, a like for you. Nice. But, I do follow some people who fit the “other” category.

If you’re picking up what I’m putting down, you probably have seen this before. If not, I’ll set the scene.

Here’s me, scrolling, looking for funny comics, cute selfies, dogs (times a thousand), superher- “Oh look, this person’s selfie broke two-hundred. If only they were as pretty on the inside as they seem to be on the outside.”

I’m talking about the people who comment things like “kill yourself” on other people’s wall, or call girls slut for posting a tasteful picture of them at the beach. The people who’s amount of likes have gone to their head and believe the facade that “so many people like me, so the awful things I do don’t count. Yay me.”


Here’s a lesson,

Your like count doesn’t always mean you’re beautiful on the inside. Be a good person and make those likes real. Make them count for something. Gain your followers by being kind hearted, not because you’re a “savage”. 

At the end of the day, being a “savage” isn’t going to gain you real friends.